Holiday Hours:

Christmas Eve / Open at the house. Closed at the factory

Christmas Day - December 27th / Closed

New Year’s Eve / Open

New Year’s Day / Closed


Sjölinds (pronounced SHOO-linds) was established in July of 2006 by Tracy Thompson in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. Tracy was inspired by a novel which made reference to a "chocolate house". The thought of drinking chocolates, handmade confections, and collections of bars was an inspiration. With Tracy's backround as a professional baker and chef it seemed like a dream.  


A little into this venture her daughter, Melissa, started playing around with making micro batches of bean to bar chocolate and lots of different confections. And so began the jump into the artisan chocolate world. Sjölinds opened a chocolate factory in 2016.


Today Sjölinds is a thriving family business that provides a community space for neighbors, friends, and family to gather. By providing an atmosphere of leisure and lots of little treats they hope that people will find time for comfort and camaraderie with Sjolinds Chocolate.