Introducing the Sjölinds Botanical Bars

Before we started making chocolate I had never really thought of chocolates place in nature.  It did not occur to me that chocolate started out as a seed, in a pod, that grows on a tree.  Now I not only see chocolate's place in nature but how chocolate can combine with other flavors in nature.  Our lead chocolate maker, Melissa, has come up with several combinations that we call our Botanical Bars.

It all started when I invited a chef in Madison to use our chocolate grinder to make a batch of mustard.  When he removed the mustard he left a bit behind in the grinder and we made our first mustard chocolate.  Then when New Glarus was having its Oktober Fest, Maple Leaf Cheese and Chocolate Haus asked if we could make a beer themed chocolate, and that is when Melissa invented our hops chocolate.  Then when a chocolate bean arrived to us tasting of smoke, Melissa didn't fight it, but turned it into our porcini mushroom and smoked sea salt bar.  Finally, Melissa wanted a milk chocolate in the collection, so she artfully combined her beautiful Wisconsin milk chocolate with chamomile.  

You will find the botanical bars along side all our other bars at both our Mount Horeb locations.