Oh Fudge!

When we first opened Sjölinds Chocolate House in July of 2006 we never saw ourselves making fudge.  That first summer so many people stuck their heads in the door and asked, "Do you have fudge?"  The second summer, "Do you have fudge?"  It got us wondering, what is it about summer and fudge in Wisconsin.  Growing up in Minnesota, Christmas was fudge season.  

fudge pops

Then a couple of summers ago we took our youngest to play mini-golf in Wisconsin Dells.  If you haven't been to the Dells, it has a carnival atmosphere everyday of the week.  Finally, our fudge question was answered; there was fudge advertised in every other shop window.  Large slabs of fudge in dozens of different flavors.  To many Wisconsin natives and visitors, summer is fudge season.  

Sjölinds answer to this summer-time treat, fudge pops.  We make a few flavors, put the fudge on a stick (food on sticks, another Wisconsin summer favorite) and dip it rich Belgium chocolate.  Fudge pops have become such a favorite that we have been known to carry them into the fall.