Summer, Sjölinds and S'mores

The number one summer treat, s'mores.  I, like so many people, started making s'mores in summer camp; for me it was with the Girl Scouts.  Hershey's chocolate bars, Jet Puff marshmallows and Honey Maid graham crackers.  Marshmallows skewered on whittled sticks held over the red hot coals of a campfire or with my sisters (only when Mom wasn't home of course) on the tines of forks held over one of the burners on the electric stove.  We became little experts in the art of marshmallow roasting; brown but not too brown, soft and gooey on the inside but not too dark on the outside.  All of  which happened just before (and I do mean just before) the whole marshmallow fell off the stick and into the fire and ash, or God forbid, off the fork and between the coils of the stovetop.  

The Sjölinds twist on s'mores is that we make our own graham crackers and marshmallows.  The graham crackers are made with whole-wheat flour, honey and butter, covered on one side with either dark or milk chocolate.  The marshmallows come in a wonderful collection of flavors: vanilla, honey, hazelnut, blue moon, orange, raspberry... And I also hear from my daughters that you can roast the marshmallows over a candle flame, not that I've ever been home to see that.