Taza Chocolate

One of the best parts of my job is all the chocolate I get to taste.  In our shop we carry chocolate from all over the US and internationally.  We have chocolate bars that are made in small batches, bars that have wonderful new flavor combinations, traditional bars, beautiful bars as well as bars that are trying new ideas in chocolate.  

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One of the exciting chocolate companys that we are thrilled to carry at Sjölinds is Taza Chocolate.  They have one of the most unique choclates on the market.  If you have ever tasted Mexican chocolate, the kind that comes in the octagonal package, wrapped in paper and slid into a brightly colored boxes, you might remember its course texture.  This is only where Taza chocolate starts.  They have taken the course, rustic, and authentic flavors of Mexican chocolate and added their obvious real love of pure chocolate flavors.  The only thing that they have taken out of Mexican chocolate is its tendincy for it to be overly sweet.

Taza Rum Raisin


New to Sjölinds this summer is Taza's Factory Limited edition bars.  We are carrying the Belize Bar, Hazelnut Butter, Wicked Dark (they are from Massachusetts after all) and Rum Raisin.  I recently tasted the Rum Raisin.  Rum Raisin is a perfect combination of flavors for chocolate because both of those flavors show up naturally in chocolate that is grown in different regions.  The raisin flavor highlights the rich, dark, fruit flavors of chocolate and the rum adds the warmth.  Again, perfect.