Spring in the land of Tomte and Nisse

2014-04-24 15.29.20.jpg

Spring is coming in so slowly this year, making the Tomte and Nisse a bit grumpy.  Tomte (Swedish and Danish) and Nisse (Norwegian) are the wee people (mythical?) that take care of the children, livestock and pets while adults tend to the other tasks that keep homes and lively-hoods running.    If you come to visit Mount Horeb you will notice many people keep totems to these lovely beings in their yards, acknowledging we know that we couldn't do all that we do without a little help from the unseen ones.  This is probably a very good year to do as is the custom in Scandinavia and put a small bowl of porridge (steel cut oats with buckwheat grouts and flax seeds if you please) out on the stoop to say thank-you.  

Arrak truffes_1.JPG



To keep ourselves happier we've made a batch of Arrak truffles.  Arrak is a spiced rum we've added to a uniquely Scandinavian truffle filling.  Then the fillings are wrapped with marzipan and dipped in dark chocolate.  A sure cure for a cold and rainy spring day.