Midsummer is the biggest party of the year in Scandinavian countries.  So big that Sweden is considering changing their national day from June 6 to Midsummer.  Midsummer is technically on the longest day of the year (between June 19 and 21).  In Sweden it starts the Friday after June 19th. 

It is celebrated with picnics, piles of strawberries (on cakes or otherwise), lots of time in nature, bonfires, maypole dancing, and symbols of the sun everywhere.  If you have crayfish to boil, this is the time to do it.  But more than anything, plenty of time with family and friends.  

A Front Row Seat From Our Back Deck

When Duluth Trading Company opened their first retail store in our little old Mount Horeb about seven years ago, we thought it was a very exciting thing.  

Now we learn that not only will we have their beautiful store on Main Street but also their new headquarters.  Here at Sjölinds Chocolate House we are especially excited because we will be able to watch the daily progress from our back deck. Grab a tall glass of something iced and join us in watching big things happen.


Summer and Safts

We serve safts all summer long at Sjölinds. It is the Scandinavian answer to a refreshing and cooling summer-time beverage.  It is a bit like a lemonade but it uses different fruits: rhubarb, strawberries, blueberries, currants, elderberries and even cherries if our cherry trees produce a bumper crop.  

But what is saft? It's fruit that has been boiled instead of what we are used to, pressed. By boiling it you get lots more juice and a fuller flavor out of the fruit. 

A tall glass, a bit of ice and plenty of saft; taken outdoors with some summertime reading, that is a perfect afternoon.