Summer and Safts

We serve safts all summer long at Sjölinds. It is the Scandinavian answer to a refreshing and cooling summer-time beverage.  It is a bit like a lemonade but it uses different fruits: rhubarb, strawberries, blueberries, currants, elderberries and even cherries if our cherry trees produce a bumper crop.  

But what is saft? It's fruit that has been boiled instead of what we are used to, pressed. By boiling it you get lots more juice and a fuller flavor out of the fruit. 

A tall glass, a bit of ice and plenty of saft; taken outdoors with some summertime reading, that is a perfect afternoon. 

Want to tour the chocolate factory?

If you would like to see how we make chocolate, we would be happy to show you around our factory at 150 Lillehammer Lane in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.  Just give us a call at 608-437-2462 and we will figure out a day and time that works for both of us.

We give two types of tours.  The first a quick show you around and explain how chocolate is made.  This is our free tour.  The second tour is the same as the first, but ends with a chocolate tasting.  The tasting tour is $5 per person.  

Tours last 15 to 45 minutes.  The best size groups are 3 to 15 people.  We can make arrangements to accommodate larger groups.  The tours are also easily handicap accessible. 

Sjölinds On-Line Store Coming Soon

All the pieces are starting to come together!  The website is up and running. We will be starting with just a few of our products.   We have packaging and mailing figured out.  A payment system chosen.  And finally we have found a family member that is willing to lead the project.  Thank you Erin!

Hopefully sometime in May we will have all the people trained to replace Erin in the number of jobs she does so she can devote her time to the on-line store.  Stay tuned!